INDIVIDUAL ARTISTS and ARTIST GROUPS will apply with a separate online application. We exhibit original artwork only. You must live or work in Clackamas County to apply.

If you are a past exhibitor with our AEP Program, please submit NEW work for consideration.

Please note, if you have not used the Submittable application platform before, you will be prompted to create a user name and password. There is no cost to do this. If you have applied through Submittable before, please have your login information available before applying.

Image Upload: Title of Work, Dimensions of Work (w x h x d inches), Medium of Work, Image Upload (Image minimum 750 pixels on shortest side. Only .jpg files will be accepted

Read Guidelines Here

Online Application


  • Contact Information: Name, Address, Email, Phone, Website
  • Art Statement: include what inspires you, art mediums that you work in, and a short selection of your Galleries/Exhibits/Shows/Festivals. Limit 150 words
  • Higher/Continuing Education (3 listings)
  • Image Upload: 5 images of artwork you would like to exhibit in our program

ARTIST GROUP have ready

Groups can be a minimum of 4 artists to a maximum of 20 artists

  • Artist Group Name: Website, if applies
  • Artist Group Contact Person: Name, Address, Email, Phone
  • Artist Group Statement: Include what inspires group, art mediums that group works in, and a short selection of your group Galleries/Exhibits/Shows/Festivals. Limit: 150 words
  • Image Upload: 1 image per participating artist, including name of artist

Applications must comply with submission guidelines to be considered

You will receive email confirmation that your application was received. If you do not receive confirmation with 3 days of submission, please contact us.

For questions or assistance, contact Sue Allen, Exhibit Coordinator or 503-622-3611