Program and Location: Lake Oswego Festival of the Arts, 2018 Special Exhibit, titled Layers: The Evolving Art of 3D Printing

Eligibility: Submissions are encouraged from artists working with 3D printers. All work must be original and created within the last three years.

Submission Deadline: Sunday, January 28, 2018

Program Description: Each year the Special Exhibit strives to explore a single art medium through the display of quality and diverse work from a wide range of artists. As part of a large community celebration of art, the Special Exhibit seeks to offer insight and awareness of the featured art form to inspire and inform visitors.

In this exhibition, curators Briana Thornton and Ben Dye are working with The Lake Oswego Festival of the Arts to create a public space displaying artworks by multidisciplinary creatives, designers, artists and engineers. The artists featured create works of art using 3D printing as a means of product or reference. The goal of the curators is to facilitate a space where 3D printed art can have a voice among Fine Art.


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