Program and Location: Lake Oswego Festival of the Arts, 2018: Artifacts of a Journey

Submission Deadline: Sunday, February 18, 2018

Program Description: Artifacts of a Journey is an exhibit of completed artworks documenting the process a work of art takes on the road to creation. The exhibit explores the changes we make to our original ideas while creating the physical object, and the byways and cul-de-sacs our minds take while getting there.

In response to the Festival’s Special Exhibit whose media is 3D printing, Artist’s Vision is asking our applicants to compare the process of information transfer that takes place in digital making with the process of thought and action that takes place in physical making. Art is a process, and in this exhibit that process is both the topic and the end result. Artists are invited to submit both traditional and non-traditional artworks that answer this question: what is your process of making and how does your art reflect this journey? Be creative, be playful, and dig into the rich inspiration that is your individual process.


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