Project Grant Application

Check back after September 15, 2017

View Project Grant Sample Applications HERE

The online application will include the following questions:

1.  Applicant Information

2.  Application Overview

  • Amount of grant request
  • Title
  • Summary
  • Start and end dates
  • Identify which funding priority(ies) your proposal aligns with (up to 2)

3. Expenses – details about cost(s) associated with request

4.  Revenue Sources– details about revenue sources supporting your request

  • Confirmed Revenue
  • Anticipated Revenue
  • In-Kind Support (donations, discounts, volunteer time, etc.)

5.  Explanation of how an award will be used

6. Explanation of how your project may be scalable

7.  Narrative

  • A – Purpose – What do you hope to accomplish
  • B – Marketing Plan – if community participation is expected, describe who is your audience,  how you will create awareness and how many people you anticipate will be impacted.
  • C – Evaluation – what methodologies or tools will be used for evaluation?
  • D – Partnerships – show community support (this may or may not apply to individual applicants).
  • E – Funding Priorities – describe how this request responds to Cultural Plan and funding priorities.
  • F – Capacity – describe your experience, relevant history and why you believe you are capable of implementing the proposal successfully
  • G – Timeline – detailed timeline showing steps involved in implementing your proposal.

8.  Supplemental Materials (up to 5, no more than 10 pages total printable on an 8.5 x 11” piece of paper) Applicants are encouraged to include brochures, press clippings, support letters, photos and similar information to help the Review Panel better understand your project or your organization.**

  • Provide documents, photos, or other materials to support your request.
  • Please limit supplemental material to no more than five (5) unique items. A two page news article constitutes one item and there would leave 8 remaining pages for other materials. Do not exceed 10 pages total.
  • All items must fit on an 8 1/2 x 11 sheet of paper for printing purposes.
  • All documents must be in electronic format only (PDFs and JPGS only).
  • Links to videos, images, websites, etc. must be listed on an 8 1/2 x 11 document or included in your application.
  • If you have questions about supplemental materials, please do not hesitate to contact us.

**Carefully consider the supplemental materials you send.  Strong support letters, sample renderings, positive press clippings, quotes, project bids, or other documents which support your request will enhance your application.  A couple of strong supporting documents are more valuable than five marginal supplemental pieces.  

9.  Organizations will need to provide a year-to-date P&L and prior year P&L.