Call to Artists

Program & Location: Lake Oswego Reads Exhibition 2018, Art as Refuge

Eligibility: All artists who can deliver and pick up work from the Arts Council of Lake Oswego

Submission Deadline: Friday, December 8, 2017, 5:00 PM PST

Program Description: Arts Council of Lake Oswego (ACLO) invites artists to submit work for consideration in ACLO’s Lake Oswego Reads exhibition for 2018. The exhibition, entitled Art as Refuge, is inspired by the themes of Good Morning, Midnight, a novel by Lily Brooks-Dalton and the L.O. Reads book selection for 2018.

This is the story: The world has come to an end—or has it? Those on the fringes of civilization are left behind with no idea of what happened. Up in the frozen reaches of the Arctic, astronomer Augustine is cut off with no communication by the disaster, and he has to preserve not only his own life, but also that of a strange child who has wandered into his care. Astronaut Sullivan finds herself in circumstances just as grave—her space craft is making the long voyage home from Jupiter when Mission Control stops talking. Augustine and Sullivan are just two people left and bewildered by the apocalypse. As they struggle to survive, their stories gradually come together, and they are forced to face their regrets, their lives, and, ultimately, their legacies.

This exhibition aims to start a conversation in our community about the themes articulated through Brooks-Dalton’s prose. She describes her novel, in part, as focusing “on the interplay and overlap of connection and isolation.” She continues, “The isolation of an individual is a moving, heartbreaking thing, but what about the isolation of our species? The thing I kept coming back to was always: what matters? What is left when you take everything else away?”

Artists are asked to submit work that creatively explores the themes of connection and isolation, regret and hope, angst and acceptance. Art in any media will be considered and is encouraged.


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