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Milwaukie City Hall Sculpture Garden

Deadline to apply EXTENDED: August 16, 2017

The Milwaukie Arts Committee (artMOB) is pleased to invite artists to submit proposals for Milwaukie’s outdoor sculpture garden located at Milwaukie City Hall on the south lawn along Jackson Street. The three selected pieces will be on display from September 2017 to August 2019 and must be made available for purchase immediately following installation. The outdoor sculpture garden offers six pedestals to display a rotating collection whereby each year, three new pieces are installed for a two-year rotation.

artMOB will provide each selected artist with an honorarium of $1,000. Artists will be asked to install the pieces themselves. A liability waiver and contract must be signed with the city prior to installation.


▪ artMOB seeks three sculptures that represent a theme of the artist’s choice.
▪ Sculptures shall be of suitable scale for outdoor public art, free standing and of high artistic quality.
▪ Each sculpture shall fit on one of three available pedestals and use existing mounting systems located in the sculpture garden. Pedestals are 24” by 24” (two feet by two feet). Pedestals have ½ inch holes at each corner 21 inches apart (center to center) and a second set of holes in a square 10 inches apart. See further details and photos below.
▪ Sculptures shall require minimum maintenance, withstand the effects of weather, and be as resistant as possible to vandalism. Also, sculptures shall be able to withstand possible pedestrian contact and not impede either walking or vehicle traffic and be safe. ADA guidelines are considered in placement of each sculpture.
▪ Sculptures shall be “on loan” to the city during the exhibition period and must be available for sale to the public. If a sculpture sells, the artist is responsible for replacing the piece with another of the same quality and scale at the time of removal of the sold artwork. The replacement sculpture must be approved by artMOB before the sculptures are moved and will be on exhibit for the remainder of the two-year loan period. There will be a 20% Artist Fee paid to artMOB for any sculpture sold while on exhibit in the City Hall Sculpture Garden.
▪ Pedestal anchors involve bolts underneath the steel plate hidden by landscaping. Installations must fit respective pedestal and mounting systems. See further details and photos below.
▪ It is the artist’s responsibility to deliver and install the sculpture at the site specified by artMOB in September 2017, and then remove the work from the site at the end of the exhibition period.
▪ artMOB reserves the right to reject work that differs from the original proposal, or does not meet standards of durability and quality post artist installation.
▪ Each artist shall agree to a two-year contract with the City of Milwaukie to loan his or her sculpture that will be on display for a two-year period.


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