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Project Grants

Inquiry Application Deadline: 5 pm, August 2, 2017
Application Deadline: 5 pm,September 27, 2017
Funds available: January 2018

We have recently made some big changes to Project Grants. The most significant change is that we are beginning to offer Project Grants multiple times per year. RACC is also introducing a two-step application process that begins with an Inquiry Application.

RACC’s Project Grant Program provides financial support to individual artists and not-for-profit organizations in Multnomah, Washington and Clackamas Counties, for project based arts programming. Grants are awarded up to $7,000 and are available in three categories: Artistic Focus, Arts Equity & Access, and Arts Services. For all the details of the Project Grants, please check out the Project Grant Guidelines below. This document outlines all the fine print of the grant program and will answer many common questions.


Orientation Sessions: From July 13-27, RACC will offer seven free, optional Grant Orientation Sessions for artists and organizations interested in applying for Project Grants. During these sessions staff will walk attendees through the grant guidelines and application, and answer questions about the process. Please register online here

Eligibility: Individual Artists and not-for-profit organizations residing/headquartered in Multnomah, Washington, or Clackamas Counties.


A project is a specific art presentation, exhibit, creation of work, produced program, or event which is fully executed within a specified timeline and made available to the public. RACC offers funding for Project Grants in the following categories:

Artistic Focus – Projects that demonstrate high artistic quality, innovation, creativity in programming and artist selection, and demonstrated ability by the artist or organization.
Arts Equity & Access – Projects that support arts programs and services that involve direct community participation, including communities that are underserved, arts education projects, and community fairs & festivals.
Arts Services – Projects that bring professional development programming or opportunities to the arts community, including but not limited to workshops, conferences, or classes.

For all the details and helpful videos visit www.racc.org
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