City of Newport, OR

Request for Proposals

Mural Restoration and Renewal Project

Due Date: 3 pm, October 27, 2017

The City of Newport is seeking an artist, or artist team, to restore various murals on public and private buildings in the city. This opportunity is open to artists with public art experience, with preference given to local artists, and those with verifiable mural creation or restoration experience. The majority of the murals are located on Newport’s Historic Bayfront on private buildings. The city will enter into agreements with the private property owners to effect the restoration of murals on private buildings.

The murals that dot the city, and particularly Newport’s Historic Bayfront, are viewed and enjoyed by residents and visitors, and represent a part of the cultural history of the city. Some of the murals are showing the effects of coastal weather and age, and the goal is to restore the murals as time, funding, and artist availability permits.


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