Clackamas County Arts Alliance

Request for Proposals

Public Investment Strategy for Arts and Culture-City of Wilsonville

Proposals will be accepted until 11:59 pm PT –  November 10, 2017


Summary and Background

There’s no denying the power of art. It can be soothing, inspiring, provocative and arrive in a myriad of forms. From sculptures and static works, painting, photography, poetry, dance, architecture, music and theatre, art is a force that transforms communities, helps to heal, drives commerce and adds vitality to communities.

While it has been apparent for many years that the City of Wilsonville’s arts and culture community is passionately dedicated to the various elements of their activities, continued concern exists about volunteer fatigue, leadership gaps, audience development, and funding support. Since 2010, Clackamas County Arts Alliance (CCAA) has urged arts and culture proponents to consider that these challenges will be resolved only when a wider circle of City residents is engaged. This suggestion has seemed like an insoluble puzzle until the concept of a needs-assessment poll recently arose in community meetings hosted by CCAA. Members of City Council and City staff have encouraged a higher level of public engagement designed to develop specific recommended strategies for addressing the assessment findings.

CCAA is currently accepting proposals for a qualified consultant or team to guide a city-wide public outreach engagement plan that will assess the level of interest City of Wilsonville residents have in access to local cultural opportunities, including arts, heritage, and history.

Clackamas County Arts Alliance is the fiscal agent and program manager of this project.  The contract offered begins on or about January 1, 2018.

Project Goals and Partners

The Public Investment Strategy project has several specific goals:

  • Gauge level of interest City residents have in local cultural access, including arts, heritage, and history
  • Increase awareness of the City’s existing cultural assets and activities
  • Compile and assess response data gathered through interviews, meetings, and polling
  • Develop specific recommended strategies and tactics to address findings
  • Based on the data analysis, present findings and recommendations to Mayor and City Council

Project Deliverables

  • Design and carry out a facilitated process to invite citizen engagement and input which includes:
    • Review of existing and projected statistical data related to participation and local interest in cultural activities
    • Coordination of a minimum of one (1) community input session held in the City of Wilsonville.
    • Conduct surveying to collect broader input (online, print, social media-based, etc.)
  • Involvement of at least ten (10) key stakeholders
  • Meet with tourism partner(s) to seek input on cultural tourism opportunities
  • Synthesize data and community feedback
  • Develop specific recommended strategies and tactics to address findings


The contract budget is $26,100, all-inclusive of time, travel, supplies, etc. The project will be conducted in two phases, with $13,050 allocated for each phase. The project is funded in part by a Community Enhancement Grant through the City of Wilsonville and will be contracted through CCAA.  Proposals must include detail of costs projected as necessary to complete the tasks outlined in Project Goals and Deliverables.



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