Exciting 2017 Workshops


The Portrait
3-day Acrylic Painting Workshop – Chantel Barber
June 23 – 25, 2017

This comprehensive 3 – day workshop is designed to share tips and techniques learned from over twenty-five years of working in the acrylic medium. Chantel’s gentle teaching style will enrich the painting skills of beginners and advanced artists alike as she demonstrates painting the portrait and figure from reference photos, without losing the energy and vitality of working from life.


The Beauty of Imperfection; Brave, Bold, Beautiful
3-day Pastel Painting Workshop – Jennifer Evenhus
August 18 – 20, 2017

Jennifer’s bold use of color is what first attracts the eye. Fascinated with the painterly effects one can achieve with pastels, and the wonderful transparency and opacity of oils, Jennifer’s subject is often paint itself. Whether with oils or pastels, Jennifer enjoys the process of painting as much as completing the work.


Autumn in Oregon; Color & Composition
4-day Pastel Painting Workshop – Susan Ogilvie
October 12 -15, 2017

This intensive 4-day workshop with Susan promises to be rich and wonderful. Both studio work and some plein air views from the knoll are part of this exciting workshop. Susan’s intuitive teaching style is refreshing, you’ll find her an approachable, giving instructor. She spends individual time at each student’s easel while sharing in an easygoing style that helps the student feel comfortable and successful.  This special workshop also includes Dinner with Susan on the Knoll, a Friday night BBQ hosted by Carrie & Jeff Moore at their home adjacent to the studio!


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