In addition to the free trade show with a variety of products and artist demonstrations, Art Extravaganza will offer 4 Lecture Demonstrations.

10:30 am – Noon – Corrine Loomis Dietz – The Golden “A to Z” of Acrylics
10:30 am – 12:30 pm – Ruth Armitage – Cold Wax and Oil
12:30 – 2:00 pm – Amanda Sweet – Winsor & Newton Watercolors
2:30 – 4:00 pm – Scott Gellatly – Gamblin Artists Color: Experience Color

The cost for each Lecture Demonstration is $7.00  – $10.00 per person.  Classes size is limited so register early!

10:30 am – Noon

The Golden “A to Z” of Acrylics
Corrine Loomis Dietz – Golden Artist Colors
Tuition: $7.00
Limited Space

This lecture packs in a ton of valuable information about acrylics, guiding listeners through the basics while opening up new possibilities. Gain information about mineral and modern pigments and how this relates to clean color mixing, glazing and the creation of fabulous new colors. Learn the unique properties of Fluids, Heavy Body, OPEN and High Flow Acrylics. Discover Interference and Iridescent paints for unusual effects. Get a comprehensive overview on the many Gels & Mediums and how they can change texture, saturation and intensity of color, used for sculptural effects and more. The lecture includes a review of Grounds that create truly, contemporary surfaces for painting, drawing, pastel, digital printing and mixed media. Each lecture includes an array of examples of these materials put to use.

There is a brief introduction to our non-acrylic products, Williamsburg Handmade Oil Colors and QoR Watercolor.

Attendees leave enthusiastic to explore the extensive potential of acrylic painting!

Corrine Loomis-Dietz received a BFA from CWU with concentrations in painting and photography. Since 1999, Corrine has been a contract artist for GOLDEN Paints, teaching and lecturing about acrylic paint systems.  This association with modern materials directly influences her work on many levels. Currently, Corrine balances her energies between her studio practice, lecturing and teaching throughout Oregon at art centers, colleges and universities.

10:30 am – 12:30 pm

Cold Wax and Oil
Ruth Armitage
Tuition: $10.00

Limited Space

Come learn about how using Cold Wax Medium with Oils is different than encaustic or acrylic. Revel in texture and color in this presentation exploring the properties of Cold Wax Medium. If you’ve been hesitant to get into oil painting because of the slow drying time, this class will teach you a different tune. No fuss cleanup, little odor and layering magic will seduce participants.

Learn how to create your own medium, layer opaque and transparent pigments, incise, build up and more.

Students will learn different types of paint application as well as some of the many benefits of this medium. Leave with a booklet of suggested materials, resources and techniques ready to try this fun process at home.

Ruth Armitage is a signature member of the National Watercolor Society , Rocky Mountain National Watermedia, California Watercolor Association and the Northwest Watercolor Society, and Past President of the Watercolor Society of Oregon. The Watercolor Society of Oregon has awarded her its Outstanding Service Award. She is currently planning a large joint exhibition between the Watercolor Society of Oregon and the Western Federation of Watercolor Societies. Ruth’s work has received many local and national awards, including the Loa Ruth Sprung Award in the National Watercolor Society’s 95th Annual Exhibition.

Inclusion in numerous national publications and exhibitions has led to wide-spread recognition for Ruth. You may have seen her work profiled on Oregon Public Broadcasting’s “Oregon Art Beat.” Most recently Acrylic Artist Magazine ran a 10-page feature article in their Spring 2016 issue.

You can find Ruth’s work in Portland at the Portland Art Museum’s Rental Sales Gallery, and at Mary Lou Zeek gallery in Salem, Oregon. She is a gifted instructor and has juried several local and state exhibitions. She enjoys sharing the creative process in the classroom and watching lightbulbs come on in her students’ eyes. Read their comments about Ruth’s classes on her ‘Workshops’ page. Ruth and her husband Marc, both fourth generation Oregonians, maintain a small farm and studio in rural Oregon City.

12:30 – 2:00 pm

Winsor & Newton Watercolors: A focus on color mixing and watercolor mediums
Amanda Sweet
Tuition: $7.00
Limited Space

Winsor & Newton is synonymous with exceptional watercolour. Whether working in the studio or packing up a small travel kit to hit the road, Professional Water Colour offers a range of 96 unique tube colours as well as Water Colour Sticks, Water Colour Markers and a wide array of mediums to help artists alter and enhance the characteristics of their work. The demo artist will cover permanence, colour bias and color mixing, in addition to various painting applications capable with Water Colour Mediums, to help you get the most out this challenging and wonderful medium that is loved by amateurs and professionals alike. Each attendee will receive a sample pack of Professional Water Colour materials.

Amanda works as a professional studio artist in Seattle and a Demonstration Artist for Winsor & Newton, Liquitex, and Conté à Paris in The Fine Art Collective, covering the Pacific Northwest region.

2:30 – 4:00 pm

Gamblin Artists Colors: Experience Color
Scott Gellatly – Gamblin Artist Colors
Tuition: $7.00
Limited Space

There is nothing more natural and enduring than oil painting. For 600 years, oil colors have been the preeminent medium of visual expression. And within this time, the world has become increasingly more colorful.

Scott Gellatly, Product Manager for Gamblin Artists Colors in Portland, OR, will lead a hands-on exploration through painters’ most important tool: COLOR!

A working artist himself, Scott will also share the aspects of colors to consider when selecting a palette to express your own artistic vision.

Scott Gellatly is a landscape painter living in Portland, OR. His expressive, atmospheric plein air paintings have been exhibited in numerous solo and group exhibitions. His work is represented by Brian Marki Fine Art in Portland, OR and Palm Springs, CA. Scott is the Product Manager at Gamblin Artists Colors in Portland and has lectured and demonstrated across the United States, Canada and Australia. Scott work can be seen at