This year, we are so excited to announce the addition of arts and culture entertainment for Art Extravaganza. Running throughout the event, stop into the auditorium and take in original poetry, witness exciting dance performances, and even enjoy some local theatre!

12 – 12:20 pm

Poet Emmett Wheatfall

Emmett Wheatfall lives in Portland, Oregon where he reads, writes, and performs poetry. Emmett has published five books of poetry. They are He Sees Things (2010), We Think We Know (2011), The Meaning of Me (2012), Bread Widow (2013), and his first hardback collection titled Fragments (2015). Emmett has written four chapbooks under the titles Queen of the NileI Too AM A Slave, The Majestic, and Midnight In Madrid. His poems have been published in online journals and periodicals.