Happy Valley City Hall Sculpture Garden

Happy Valley City Hall

Project Details

Artists: Ben Dye, Steve Farris, Jim Johnson & Jesse Swickard

Dedicated: October 16, 2013

Budget: $750 Honorarium per sculpture

Project Description

Happy Valley Sculpture Garden includes six sculptures by 4 artists. It is designed to enhance the public environment and promote understading and enjoyment of public art. These 6 pieces will be on display through May 2015.

E-Motion by Ben Dye
Vessel by Steve Farris
Exuberance by Jim Johnson
Linked by Jesse Swickard
Lady Luck by Jim Johnson
Growing by Jesse Swickard

Art Selection Committee

Jim Grady – Happy Valley Resident

Michael Morrow – Happy Valley City Councilor

Mike Suri – Artist

Jason Tuck – Happy Valley City Manager

Renee Ugrin – Artist