Who We are

The Board of Directors supports the work of the Clackamas County Arts Alliance by raising funds to benefit programs, services, operations and activities which develop and promote arts and culture in the communities of Clackamas County for the benefit of all its citizens.


Keep art central to life in Clackamas County


The Arts Alliance will have broad-reaching impact in all areas of the county, and will be widely known as the first and most reliable source of arts information for interested citizens and creative practitioners in all disciplines. The Alliance will strategically invest in partnerships and collaborations to achieve maximum impact. Existing partnerships will be deepened and strengthened, and new allies cultivated. Cultural and historical collaborative projects will define the County with arts and heritage trails, signage, maps and monuments. Because of these efforts, Clackamas County will be a national leader in public art and a cultural destination for residents and visitors. Art opportunities will exist everywhere. Citizen access and involvement will be broad and deep. Ethnically diverse individuals and organizations will be a visible part of the cultural riches in all County communities, and adults of all ages will be engaged. Expanded involvement of younger adults in arts opportunities will be evident. The arts will be central and visible in every county community. Funding for the arts will be strong and stable throughout the county. Elected officials and decision-makers will understand the economic impact of the arts industry to Clackamas County, and will value the arts as a driver for tourism, employment and community development.

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