Clackamas County Cultural Coalition Seeks New Members
An Opportunity to Support and Influence Local Arts, Heritage & Humanities

Vacancies exist for volunteer service on the Clackamas County Cultural Coalition. Citizens with interest and experience in local arts, heritage, humanities, tourism and related businesses are invited to apply.


Who We Are

Allocating Cultural Trust funds in the form of grants is the Coalition’s primary function, however, the Coalition strives to nurture and brighten the cultural scene throughout Clackamas County. Members represent a diverse landscape geographically and organizationally including music, education, art, sculpture, dance, writing, heritage, business and celebratory events. The Coalition endeavors to encourage support and participation in our culture, that is, everything that revives the human spirit.

  • Distribute Oregon Cultural Trust Community Cultural Participation Grant funds in Clackamas County
  • Advocate on behalf of the Cultural Trust and its tax credit program
  • Implement the Cultural Plan
  • Assess and review Funding Priorities annually
  • Widely communicate Cultural Participation Grant opportunities to individuals, local governments, cultural organizations and other civic, educational and business organizations
  • Represent cultural diversity in Clackamas County, encouraging partnerships and collaborations
  • Advocate for additional public and private resources to implement the Goals of its plan
  • Maintain a website as the Coalition’s primary communication tool
  • Review and revise the Cultural Plan every four years
Organizational Structure

The Clackamas County Cultural Coalition will have a minimum of nine and a maximum of 15 members Positions are allocated among stakeholder groups with a target of at least one representative in each category:

Category / Target Membership

Arts (3) | Heritage (3) | Humanities/Libraries (3) | Tourism (1) | Education (2) | At Large (Business, Civic, Philanthropic, Youth, etc. representatives) (3)

Current Coalition Members

To view current Cultural Coalition members, CLICK HERE.


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For more information about the Oregon Cultural Trust, CLICK HERE.