David’s first memory of performing was in a neighborhood show. He was three years old. He can’t remember what he sang, but he’s pretty sure he performed something. We fact-checked this with his mom who confirms that it did indeed happen.

At age seven, David started piano lessons and simultaneously discovered baseball. He took up the trombone at 11 years old, and a year or so later someone discovered that he could sing. Throughout elementary and high school, his parents provided him with the finest music instruction available. His parents also insisted that he and his brother practice for an hour every morning before they got breakfast. This turned out to be a great deal because he had the rest of the day to play baseball, basketball, football, tennis, or find other creative ways to get into trouble.

After years of training and exposure to great music, he ended up in the performing arts. This was a great surprise and disappointment to his parents, who somehow believed he would become a doctor, a minister, or something else respectable.

David entered college as a music major and by the time he graduated from Lewis and Clark College, he had discovered theatre which seemed to suit him just fine. After several years of acting, directing, and singing in a variety of places from Los Angeles to Boston, he ended up back in Portland where he was hired by Lewis and Clark College in 1975 to perform in a touring bicentennial show called Tom Paine. It was on this tour that he met Cyndy, and they have been together ever since. In 1988, he was hired to teach in the Performing Arts Program at Jefferson High School where one of his assignments was the Jefferson Acting Ensemble. During this time, he returned to Lewis and Clark College to acquire his Master’s degree. In 1995, he was hired as Director/Instructor of the Clackamas Community College theatre department where he worked until his retirement in 2012. He loved the job, the College, and the opportunity.

Together with Cyndy Smith-English, Chris Whitten and Alva Bradford, he helped form the Clackamas Repertory Theatre where he continues to serve as the Artistic Director. He is particularly proud that all of the core members of Clackamas Rep are former students of the Clackamas Community College theatre department, and that the company continues to employ current theatre students. Through his eyes, life continues to be wonderful even though his lifelong dream of becoming a professional athlete may never be realized.