Clackamas County Arts Alliance

Our Purpose:

Support and promote access to all aspects of arts and culture in every county community, developing programs to meet needs countywide.


To keep arts & culture central to life in Clackamas County.


Clackamas County Arts Alliance leadership, effective advocacy and innovative work attracts the people and resources necessary to deliver on the promise to keep arts and culture central to life in Clackamas County.

Our Path to the Future
2014 – 2019 – What Success Looks Like

We exist in a future where Clackamas County is full of diverse, vibrant arts and culture which is accessible to and reflects every distinct community, touching each resident wherever they are… from mountain hamlets to riverside villages, from suburban cities to rural farms.

Festivals, public art, performance spaces, youth arts education and cultural heritage opportunities are present everywhere. Our county is home to a dynamic network of established artists in all media and offers a uniquely fertile environment for fostering the emergence of new artists.

We have a mix of well-known arts and culture attractions as well as hidden gems ripe for discovery. By 2019, our collaborative efforts with partners are creating magnet cultural destinations infused with arts assets attracting a wide variety of visitors.

The Clackamas business community, local and county governments, elected officials, arts patrons and residents all understand the critical role arts and culture has in driving economic benefit and building healthy, vibrant communities. They all demonstrate their support through financial investment in artists, actors, musicians, writers, theaters, libraries and other cultural organizations, opportunities and creative people.

Clackamas County Arts Alliance is a leader among its peers for innovative and sustained work supporting:

  • An active, engaged network of artists, organizations and patrons across the county;
  • Robust partnerships with other nonprofits, businesses and governments, adding value to each others work advancing arts access for residents and visitors;
  • Effective advocacy to increase public investment in arts as a vital element of strong communities.

Our network of artists, art supporters and partners actively communicate the impact of Arts Alliance work and as a result, we consistently attract the people and resources necessary to deliver on the promise to keep arts and culture central to life in Clackamas County.

Focus Areas and Goals 2016 – 2019

Provide resources and leadership to increase impact, vitality and growth of arts and culture.

  • CCAA provides programs and services to organizations with diverse arts and culture missions
  • CCAA has mutually beneficial partnerships with creative industries, businesses, non-profits and government
  • Arts and culture assets, activities and organizations are valued and acknowledged as essential to the quality of life in the County

Connect people with arts & culture news, information and opportunities

  • Serve as the first and most reliable source of county arts and cultural heritage information
  • Provide accessible, personalized arts and culture assistance

Providing access to art in public spaces, encouraging interaction with diverse ideas and stories.

  • Artist Exhibit Program is healthy, vibrant and highly visible
  • Public Art is appreciated, protected and incorporated into public and private development

Collaborating with community partners to engage vulnerable and underserved youth using art as a catalyst for positive change and community involvement

  • Manage existing programs and partnerships to steward growth wisely
  • Develop community partners outside juvenile justice system
  • Develop post-program opportunities and support for YAC participants
  • Seek additional funding to grow and assess YAC programs
  • Review and recalibrate existing evaluation and assessment methods and tools

Fulfilling Arts Alliance goals through efficient use and development of all available resources

  • Develop stable, diverse funding adequate to support basic operating costs & value-added programs
  • Expand & deepen Board, Advisory Council & Cultural Coalition leadership capacity, cultivating ambassadors for CCAA programs & services
  • Develop & support ad-hoc volunteer committees
  • Develop & implement program evaluation & assessment plan
  • Promote & maintain a healthy, collaborative work culture