The Clackamas County Arts Alliance and Cultural Coalition advocate for ongoing support of arts and cultural heritage projects of interest and value to the County.  The Clackamas County Arts Alliance and Cultural Coalition is more than your voice, it is the hub for all things “art” in Clackamas County.  Understanding that art, in its many and varied forms enriches communities, inspires economic development and is an important local industry is part of the Clackamas County Arts Alliance mission in “keeping art central to life in Clackamas County.”

Not only does the Clackamas County Arts Alliance advocate on behalf of art in Clackamas County but also individual artists and projects through grant programs, displays/exhibits and events.

In addition to Clackamas County Arts Alliance, there are many ways individuals and other organizations  can participate and advocate to preserve and protect arts, cultural heritage and other cultural and art-related aspects of our County.

Personal Advocacy

Write letters to local, state, regional, or national representatives asking them to recognize the value of the Arts in your community.  Let them know that art is an important component in beautifying the county, attracting tourism, creating jobs and inspiring valuable social benefits.

Join a local Arts/ Culture board, organization, or steering committee – the more diverse these groups are, the better representation we have in our communities.

Provide financial support to organizations that promote and support the arts. Let them know your support is because of their support of the arts.

Share stories about the impact the Arts have had in your life. Send them to newspapers, friends, blog spots, etc.

Visit local attractions and events – take guests with you.

Educate yourself on the social and economic impact the Arts have on our communities and be ready to share those facts with others.

Corporate Advocacy

Include works of art in your work spaces and seek advice from experts when designing new space on how to incorporate 2D and 3D works of art in your work environment.

Sponsor local events who promote the arts.

Include artists in your corporate events (performers, story tellers, musicians, and more!).

Learn about the opportunities to create a positive economic impact on your community when Arts are part of your corporate culture – become a destination for visitors to the area.

Join the Work for Art program and encourage corporate giving to the arts.


Americans For the Arts is a great resource on governmental advocacy for the arts and the Congressional Arts Handbook is available to learn more about governing policy related to the Arts.