• This opportunity is open to emerging and experienced  Individual Artists and Artist Groups who live or work in Clackamas County.*
  • Minimum of 75% of Artist Group must live or work in Clackamas County.*
  • Prior exhibit history is not required!
  • Artists who have previously exhibited in the AEP Program are now invited to apply– regardless of last exhibit date

*  Working or living in Clackamas County means Artist’s studio is in the County, or Artist is employed in the County. 

If you have a question about eligibility (i.e.; group exhibits with a mix of county/non-county artists), please contact us!

The 2021 AEP application is scheduled to open in July, 2020.


July, 2020 – Online Call to Artists for 2021 Program Scheduled to Open
August 15, 2020 – Anticipated Deadline to Apply
Mid September 2020 – Anticipated Announcement of Artist Selection
October 2020 – Anticipated Orientation for 2020 Exhibiting Artists (REQUIRED)

* Dates are approximate and may be subject to modification


Original artwork will be considered for our 18 Clackamas County venues. Artists who have previously exhibited with AEP should apply with new work. Mediums as listed, but not limited to:

  • Two-dimensional hanging artwork – Painting, Drawing, Printmaking, Photography, Digital Art, Fibers, Mixed-media, etc.
  • Three-dimensional art for cabinet display – Sculpture, Book Arts, Metal Arts, Mosaic, Mixed-media, etc.

Selection Process

Exhibited work is selected by a jury panel. Selection criteria include: technical proficiency with media, composition and design, and skillful visual communication of subject or concept.

Selected artists will be notified of their acceptance to the program in early November and are required to attend the Artist Orientation scheduled for mid- December.

Exhibit Venue Information

Artists selected to participate in the Artist Exhibit Program will exhibit original artwork for 3 or 4 months at one of our 18 galleries (see link at right for list of venues). Artwork must remain on display for the entire duration of the exhibit period. The Exhibit Coordinator manages the schedule of venues, and will work with artists during this process. (Artists are NOT guaranteed a specific venue when selected for the program)

Artwork Preparation

2D artwork must be clean (inside and out), mounted securely, and in good repair, with correct hanging hardware. Size range is a minimum of 8” x 10” and a maximum of 45” x 45” x 4”, not to exceed 20 lbs. Most of our galleries use an Arakawa cable-track system to display artwork.

3D artwork must be clean, free of flaws, and stable at the base. Artists are encouraged to supply props for better display of their work. There is a maximum size of 30” x 30” x 18”, not to exceed 20 lbs.

Instruction on the best methods of preparing artwork is provided at Artist Orientation, and also visit our Artist Toolbox for more information and a video demonstration.

Artwork Sales

Sales of exhibited artworks are permitted and encouraged. Although increased public exposure of artwork can and sometimes does result in sales, art sales can neither be guaranteed nor assumed to be an outcome of any exhibit.

All sales inquiries will be referred directly to the artist, who is responsible for any and all sales agreements. Artists retain 100% of sales revenues generated during and after the exhibition. The Clackamas County Arts Alliance does not collect jury or exhibit fees participation in the Artist Exhibit Program is absolutely FREE.

All sold artworks must remain on display for full duration of an exhibit.


Artists are responsible for insuring or self-insuring exhibited artwork. While Arts Alliance staff and venue hosts will exert all reasonable efforts to protect artwork from theft, vandalism or other harm, exhibiting Artists agree to assume liability for artwork installed in Program venues.



Sue Allen, Artist Exhibit Program Coordinator

503-655-0525  | Email