Decorate a native bee house and start your own mason bee colony!

Bees play essential roles in maintaining a balanced ecosystem, and are important for pollinating all kinds of plants. But did you know that we have over 4,000 native bees right here in North America, and that many species nest in the ground or plant stems?

Join for a fun-filled afternoon with artist/entomologist Heather Andrews learning about these diverse and fascinating insects.

About the class

The class will start with a lesson on the different types of native bees here in the Willamette Valley, and the various kind of habitat they need. Then you will decorate mason bee houses.

Students will also receive:

  • Several mason bee cocoons to start their own colony
  • Seed packets to plant native flowers in their yard
  • A coloring book with recipes and plenty of information on native bees
  • A poster with the different native bees found right here in Oregon

The class will be offered at two different locations on different dates. The format for both classes will be identical, but the mason bee houses are slightly different styles.

Class is limited to 10 participants!

Blue Pine Gallery

Date: March 19, 1 – 3pm

Ages:  6+ 

Price: $50


Date: March 22, 5:30pm – 7:30pm

Ages:  6+ 

Price: $60

About the instructor

Heather Andrews is a research entomologist at Oregon State University. She works at a university extension office in Aurora where she studies growing practices in orchard crops that minimize their negative impact on the environment while maximizing yield. In her free time Heather makes jewelry, draws and also plays the harp.

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