Artist Statement

These paintings are the last of a series of paintings having to do with scenes of home and simple landscapes. More than any subject I might paint, my work is really about an innocent way of seeing the world that has been lost, a way of seeking out the beautiful among the simple, everyday world. I use acrylic paint, charcoal and oil pastels on wood panels. With layers of rich color on a textured board, my work is figurative and borrows from folk art techniques that appeal to naive emotion. I often make my own frames to suit the nature of each painting. Thematically, my paintings expand the idea of heroism to include stories of nurturing, conserving and sustaining the natural world and our children. I hope that my artwork inspire the viewer to notice such moments of beauty in everyday life.

Medium: Acrylic

Contact Information

Lake Oswego, OR
[email protected]

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1982 – BA in Anthropology – University of California, Berkeley, California

Exhibit Dates: July 16 – September 11, 2019


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