Artist Statement

My art springs from a desire to commune with and honor Nature, through process, materials, and with the symbols and images that emerge. I aim to breathe life into ideas and images that re-enchant the World, this beautiful blue marble that sparkles with our existence.

Whether working in oil paint or mixed media with natural fibers, a mythic story starts to emerge, morphing, evolving, and guiding me, towards new perceptions of myself and the world. I see each work as a symbolic study, a map, in a cosmological search for meaning, to navigate the choppy waters of our current times.

Medium: Oil, Mixed Media

Contact Information

West Linn, OR
[email protected]


2003 – M.A. in Art Therapy – Marylhurst University, Marylhurst, OR
1993 – B.F.A. in Painting – PNCA, Portland, OR

Exhibit Dates:



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