Artist Statement

When I photograph a landscape, a portrait, fauna and flora, or a human-created structure, my camera records it for only a brief moment in time. The result depends on the lighting of the scene or the expression of the person. When I devoted serious time to photography I found that I noticed details that I may not have paid attention to previously.

I try to capture images that are different by capturing scenes or people in different light conditions and different compositions. Some images are best converted to monochromes so that the contrast brings out certain aspects of the image. While other images I create a painterly effect by using textures depending on the subject matter.

I do not try to impart a meaning or purpose to my images, and they are often not complete until I have done post-processing. My main aim is to make an interesting image that will evoke a response from the viewer.

Medium: Digital Image Photographic Prints

Contact Information

Lake Oswego, OR
[email protected]

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