The cities of Oregon City and West Linn along with the Oregon Department of Transportation are holding an event in celebration of the 100 the anniversary of the iconic Arch Bridge.

The all-day event will take place on October 1, 2022. Various activities will be offered to the public throughout the day including special collaboration with the Confederated Tribes of the Grand Ronde. One of the activities is an interactive community Art mural that connects, as does the bridge, Oregon City and West Linn.


The Arch Bridge Committee is comprised of more than 20 participants from West Linn, Oregon City, the Confederated Tribes, and the Department of Transportation.

Selection of the appointed artists will be managed by a subcommittee of 6 people representing the OC and West Linn Chamber of Commerce’s, the Confederated Tribes, and artists from West Linn and Oregon City.



June 17


July 1


July 12


August 1


September 6


September 30

* Dates may change or meetings added as to the discretion of the artists

The project will consist of a 3-panel mural – represented by West Linn, Oregon City, and the Confederated Tribes of the Grand Ronde. Each panel will be 8’L x 4’H.

Each of the three chosen artists will depict a perspective of the bridge from the West Linn end, the Oregon city end, and the middle of the bridge from the Tribes/Willamette Falls perspective. The artist would create an outline of their concept on the panel with designated colors and matching numbers (think “paint by numbers” piece). Each panel will be transported to the event where tables will be set up with paints and brushes.

The public would be invited to paint the mural. The chosen artists would be asked to participate the day of the event to help with painting.

Arch Bridge Committee Responsibility

  • An 8’x4’ primed panel to be delivered to the Artist
  • All paints and materials for the public’s participation
  • Transportation of the finished panel to the event
  • Additional help and volunteers for the day of the event

Artist’s Responsibility

  • Create a concept of the assigned bridge perspective and depict that as an outline on the panel. Specify colors with designated numbers (think a paint by numbers piece).
  • Coordinate with the other two artists for colors and design – a potential of not more than 2-3 meetings
  • Participate the day of the event to assist the public with painting the mural.


A 6-person subcommittee of the Arch Bridge Committee will review all applications. Three artists will be selected. Artists will be representatives of West Linn, Oregon City, and the Confederated Tribes of the Grand Ronde.


The following criteria will be used in selecting the artists:

  • Preference for an artist whose residence is either in Oregon City or West Linn, and/or a member of the Confederated Tribes
  • Demonstrated successful experience in community interactive art projects
  • Demonstrated success in outdoor murals
  • Demonstrated success in coordinating project activities with partners and the public
  • Ability to meet deadlines of projects with similar scope
  • Success in translating or expressing concepts and themes through artwork
  • Level of expertise and recognition as demonstrated by the following:
    • Works included in private public, corporate or museum collections
    • Participation in gallery or museum exhibits
    • Awards, grants, or other types of recognitions and accomplishments
  • Name, email, and phone number of 2 individuals who can speak to the range and quality of the artist’s experience and artwork as well as follow through with commissioned works.


Interested artists should submit a document with the following requirements:

  • Place of residence and/or statement of Confederate Tribe affiliation
  • A letter describing your interest in the project as well as your preliminary vision and plan for the artwork (200 words maximum)
  • Description of medium, process, and method the artist uses to create works of art (200 words maximum)
  • 1-3 examples of previous works (jpeg, pdf, website or Instagram links) with Title, year, dimensions, medium, brief description.
  • Artist’s statement (200 words maximum)

Plans are currently being discussed for pieces to be permanently displayed following the event.

Applications and attachments can be sent to Trieste Andrews at [email protected] Please use that email for any questions or clarifications.

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