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Find Your Psychic Self – Session 2

January 21 @ 6:00 pm - 7:00 pm


Psychic and magician Ron Cain teaches the fine art of fortune-telling and the seven steps needed to develop your psychic ability. Fine tune your “sixth sense” by delving into palmistry, numerology, card reading, and dowsing with a pendulum. Unlock your intuition through dream interpretation, hypnosis, and meditation.

Learn about auras (energy fields around your body), chakras (energy points in your body), and color analysis. Find the psychic connection between sun-sign astrology, Chinese astrology, and Native American totems.

For maximum enjoyment, students should have a deck of playing cards, string, tape, penny, and colored pencils or crayons. Information sheets will be made available to participants.

Chakras, Auras, Numerology & Dice Reading

Learn how to develop their intuitive self by tapping into your superconscious, using meditation, self-hypnosis, and dream incubation. Stories about the Sleeping Prophet Edgar Cayce will be told as well as the predictions of Nostradamus.

The seven major chakras or energy points in the body will be discussed and how they balance mind, body, and spirit. Students will learn about the aura or energy field around the body. The meaning of colors and numbers will be discussed and how they are connected to the chakra and aura.

Students will also learn how to find the important numbers in a person’s life and how to color their aura graph. Cain will demonstrate the power of numbers by casting the dice and teaching how to give a simple dice reading (three dice are not mandatory but helpful).


January 21
6:00 pm - 7:00 pm
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