Special Opportunity Grants



The Clackamas County Cultural Coalition Special Opportunity Grant is made possible by funding from the Oregon Cultural Trust. It is intended to provide support outside of the annual project grant cycle for unanticipated events, opportunities or unforeseen needs. Any County-based individual or organization with a need related to arts, heritage or humanities AND their need aligns with at least one of the Coalition’s Funding Priorities may apply for Special Opportunity Grant assistance.


Applications are accepted between January 1 and December 31or until all grant funds are expended. Grants are based on a calendar year and proposed activities must take place within same calendar year as request.

Status:  OPEN

Available funds:  $3,960.65

Award Limit:  Up to $750 per applicant

Who is Eligible to Apply?

  • Individuals living in Clackamas County;
  • Organizations physically located in Clackamas County with a Clackamas County mailing address;
  • Prior Clackamas County Cultural Coalition Project Grant recipients who are current on all agreements and have submitted all required final grant reports.

Applicants receiving funds from this program will not be eligible to apply again for a period of 12 months from the date of the final report submission to Cultural Coalition.

What Type of Activities are Eligible for Funding?

Unexpected Opportunity or Event – A rare, unexpected and unplanned opportunity or event arises.
Example: An artist is surprised with an award to participate in a unique professional development workshop but costs are not paid in full, and balance is beyond artist’s capacity to pay.
Unforeseen Need – Something happens which is not within the control of the individual or organization and causes unforeseen consequences.
Example: A theft, fire or severe damage causes the loss of program equipment, supplies or use of space.


  • These funds will not support new projects, project development or marketing of projects;
  • Funds must be used for an unexpected opportunity, event or unforeseen need related to arts, heritage or humanities, and which meets at least one of the current year Funding Priorities outlined in Clackamas County Cultural Plan;
  • Needs which are part of normal operational budget are not eligible;
  • Hospitality, alcohol or other food/beverage related expenses are not eligible;
  • Multiple requests for the same need in a single calendar year are not eligible;
  • An individual’s or organization’s attendance at the same event in two consecutive applications is not eligible;
  • Requests to support one’s own exhibition/reading/performance/panelist or speaker engagement, etc., are not eligible unless the opportunity also includes a significant, unique professional development component.
  • Only one representative of an arts, heritage or humanities organization will be supported for a given opportunity; if more than one representative applies, award will be based on a first-come, first-serve basis;
  • If the grant benefits a minor under the age of 18, an adult representative must complete the application and final report.

Guidelines & Application Process

  • Applicant may request up to $750 in grant assistance.
  • Budget information must be provided identifying all expenses related to the request and revenue sources including cash-on-hand, in-kind support, discounts, etc.
  • Up to 5 support documents may be submitted.  A minimum of one support document will be required.
  • Applications are processed on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Applications will be processed soon after receipt and, if awarded, funds will be distributed within 6 weeks of receipt of application. Only one request per individual or organization will be funded each calendar year.
  • Award recipients are required to submit a final report within 30 days of completing funded need or opportunity.


To ensure fairness in the distribution of limited funds, all applications are reviewed by a committee of staff and Coalition members who make funding recommendations.

Evaluation Criteria

  • Applicant’s presentation of need and its impact must be clearly defined and be aligned with at least one of the Funding Priorities outlined in the Clackamas County Cultural Plan
  • Application must demonstrate why Special Opportunity Grant assistance is critical for the organization or individual at this time.
  • Cost or Budget must be reasonably appropriate for the specific need or opportunity.
  • Coalition may request additional support information to assist in evaluation process.