2018 Artist Exhibit Program of the Clackamas County Arts Alliance 
48 Individual Artists and 1 Artist Group Selected

Clackamas County Arts Alliance announces the selection of 48 Individual Artists and one Artist Group to exhibit in the 2018 Artist Exhibit Program. The annual application process, open to Clackamas County artists, selects artists to rotate artwork every 3 or 4 months in one of the 18 gallery spaces located in 11 County venues. Artists’ will showcase a wide selection of two and three-dimensional artworks in a variety of mediums.

This year’s artists include:


Ruth Armitage – Oregon City – Watercolor, Acrylic, Collage, Encaustic, Gouache
Fred Avery – Wilsonville – Acrylic
Wendy Avner – Eagle Creek – Mixed Media
Patrick Bailey – Oregon City – Watercolor
Jeanie Bates – Lake Oswego – Oil
Brad Beach – Oregon City – Ceramic, Acrylic
Linda Blue – Milwaukie – Pastel
Nina Bradford – Estacada – Acrylic
Lisa Brinkman – West Linn – Oil
Cheryl Butterfield – Estacada – Watercolor, Graphite
Roxanne Colyer – Milwaukie – Acrylic, Oil
Samuel Dicke – Portland – Photography
Martha Parisi Dirksen – Lake Oswego – Oil
Shenshen Dou – West Linn – Photography
Jean Dupré – Lake Oswego – Watercolor, Acrylic
Kerry Edwards – Happy Valley – Photography
Genevieve Entezari – Milwaukie – Acrylic
Richard Gaffield – Happy Valley – Acrylic, Mixed Media
Shellie Garber – Oregon City – Acrylic, Pencil, Collage
Jim Grady – Happy Valley – Acrylic
Rich Grisham – Oregon City – Photography
Eric Griswold – West Linn – Photography
Karin Hoffman – Sandy – Acrylic
Brian Howard – Estacada – Stainless Steel, Copper, Maple
Nicolette Hume – Oregon City – Photography
Leland John – Oregon City – Oil
Tacy Jones – Eagle Creek – Natural Stone
Shirlee Lind – Oregon City – Acrylic, Oil
Tasia Markoff – Lake Oswego – Photography
Tammie Painter – Milwaukie – Mulberry Paper Collage
DeLise Palumbo – Molalla – Watercolor, Giclee
Tobi Piatek – Lake Oswego – Acrylic, Colored Pencil
Jessica Poe – Canby – Photography
Sylvia Randall – West Linn – Ink on Glass, Watercolor
Justin Renshaw – Happy Valley – Photography
Lindy Rutherford – Beavercreek – Assemblage
Kathy Sandell – West Linn – Acrylic, Collage
Beate Scheller – West Linn – Stone Lithography, Etching
Susan Schenk – Wilsonville – Mixed Media Collage
Raphael Schnepf – Milwaukie – Oil
Guenevere Schwien – Happy Valley – Oil
Miriam Selby – Happy Valley – Mixed Media Collage
Melissa Sleasman – Oregon City – Photography
William Webster – Oregon City – Charcoal, Watercolor
Judy Wise – Canby – Acrylic, Pencil
Elo Wobig – Happy Valley – Casein, Oil, Acrylic
Natalie Wood – West Linn – Photography
Marilyn Woods – Oregon City – Acrylic

North Clackamas Christian School – Oregon City


For samples of work and additional information about each artist, please CLICK HERE.


The Artist Exhibit Program began over fifteen years ago and continues to provide local artists an opportunity to showcase and sell their artwork commission free. Besides our general exhibits, we have special exhibits that range from our annual ¡Hola Arte! exhibit, and a new venue featuring Clackamas County Employee Youth art. Over the years the Arts Alliance has offered workshops for artists that include technical training and assistance, an annual Art Extravaganza showcasing tools and techniques, and other educational opportunities.

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