The following is a message from Clackamas County Cultural Coalition Vice-Chair, Sandy Carter, local historian, preservation author, and grant-writing instructor, addressing the unique cultural moment we find ourselves in, and the Cultural Coalition’s ability to fund projects that speak to this moment for 2021.

This is a unique cultural moment.

The year 2020 will be remembered as a period of great societal shifts, worldwide. Here in Clackamas County, as in the rest of Oregon, the pandemic has affected everyone–remodeling and challenging our old approaches to ordinary life, and to culture. Covid-19 has reached into all of our lives and is now overlain by the “necessary troubles” of a new global movement for racial equity and social justice. Combined, they are changing our culture as we watch.

For 2021, the Clackamas County Cultural Coalition (CCCC) is uniquely positioned to direct Oregon Cultural Trust dollars in support of projects that capture the stories, emotions, experiences and thought of all cultural communities in Clackamas County during a global pandemic.

Many of us support or participate in the fine arts or local heritage organizations, and all of us, as we live life and respond to human crises, are part of humanities–the study of how people process and document the human experience. For those who have been mulling over a project to encapsulate or document this time, our fall grant cycle may be a great fit. Stories and creative responses to this time, translated into well-defined projects and applications to the Cultural Coalition, can create an important record of the pandemic’s local effects that is very appropriate to the goals of the Coalition.

CCCC has examined its funding guidelines in the light of the deep disruption to arts, heritage and humanities organizations by this pandemic. In order to be more reflective of the need in the cultural communities of Clackamas County, the Coalition has broadened its requirements for the coming funding cycle. It will consider requests for operational support in 2021. It will also welcome initiatives, such as but not limited to fine arts, drama, literature, or oral history projects, that preserve or interpret our county’s experience of this year’s mix of events and traumas, unprecedented in our lifetimes.

Sandy Carter
Vice-Chair, CCCC

The 2021 Clackamas County Cultural Coalition Grant application opened on Monday, September 7, 2020 and will accept applications until Friday, October 9, 2020.

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