As we move into 2022, we are seeing more disruptions in the classrooms. Many schools are reverting back into virtual or hybrid teaching models. Fortunately, the Youth Arts for Change program has adapted to the restrictions that come with virtual learning!

Throughout the pandemic, YAC classes have remained available and accessible to students. When we say “accessible” we mean more than just virtual teaching! Many of our students do not have local art stores to purchase the supplies needed to fully participate in course activities.

In order to eliminate these barriers, each student is gifted the supplies needed for their class and gets to keep them!

These gift bags feature a wide array of high quality art supplies including hard bound sketchbooks and drawing/painting materials.

With the uncertainty of how the next phase of the pandemic will play out, we’ll need these gift bags more than ever! It is with your generous support that we been able to provide vulnerable and underserved students with the materials need for creative self-expression.

You are a critical part of providing virtual arts education to Clackamas County youth, and we need your support.

By supporting the Youth Arts for Change program, you allow us to create a safe space to amplify voices for the arts in your community. With you by their side, youth throughout the county are given a chance to process their emotions positively and constructively, through these virtual art programs made just for them!

  • With a gift of just $25, you provide the art supplies needed for a student to attend a virtual art class.
  • A donation of $125 will allow five students to attend an art classes.
  • Want to support an entire cohort? For $250 you can provide supplies for an entire class of 10 students!
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