Near Downieville

Oregon City artist William Webster’s watercolor, “Near Downieville”

Arts Alliance announces 2018 picks for Artist Exhibit Program

Clackamas Review – January 3, 2018

by Ellen Spitaleri

Clackamas County Arts Alliance will install three exhibits in Oregon City on Jan. 11

Artists may work in different mediums but they all have the same goal — “to have their work seen and appreciated by the public,” said Suzi Anderson, program coordinator for the Clackamas County Arts Alliance.

The organization just announced its choice of 48 individual artists and one group to exhibit in the 2018 Artist Exhibit Program. The annual application process, open only to those in Clackamas County, selects artists to rotate artwork every three or four months in one of the 18 gallery spaces located in 11 county venues.

Artists will showcase a wide selection of two- and three-dimensional artworks in a variety of mediums, said Cheryl Snow, executive director of the arts alliance.

The Artist Exhibit Program began over 15 years ago and continues to provide local artists an opportunity to showcase and sell their artwork commission-free.

The Clackamas County Arts Alliance was first formed in 1994, with a purpose to support, develop and promote access to all the arts in every county community.


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