After serving 10 years on the CCAA Board, Kevin Yell is stepping down as Board Chair.

An Englishmen by birth, Kevin Yell combines his business degree and corporate experience with a Masters in Theology and a lifetime of practice in the arts. Managing Partner of The Ainsworth House & Gardens in Oregon City, he is also a popular local theatre director, published playwright and occasional painter and visual designer.

Joining the CCAA Board served as a great introduction to a side of life in Clackamas County which he was not connected to. Over his tenure on the Board, he came to view it as an integration of people with diverse talents and backgrounds to work together for the great good of the objectives of the nonprofit.

While other Boards may be happy just to lend their name and turn up as needed with a check, Yell focused on connection and purpose.

“The Board is about service,” he says, “so finding a balance between that and appreciation is important.” He saw this balance significantly improve over the last two years, and during a worldwide pandemic no less!

Despite almost closing down during this very hard period, Yell feels CCAA managed to closely integrate staff and Board leadership to move towards a ground up organization model. This integration has seen CCAA grow in relevance as the primary liaison between Clackamas County artists and the arts-loving populace in the community.

As he steps down, he reflects back on his experience as “filled with great depths of goodwill” from everyone involved. In fact, his last year or so was “the time of greatest cohesion and delight.”

Yell looks forward to leadership developing a Co-Chair system with a focus on Board cohesion and development in which one member is focused on interpersonal relationships and the other on administrative details. He feels this could be a productive split in responsibilities. He adds, “at least for the touchy-feely artistic types like me!”

A member of the Board for 10 years, he will miss the people most of all. We miss you too, Kevin!

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