Clackamas County Arts Alliance & Clackamas County Cultural Coalition to Distribute $2,258,665 in Coronavirus Relief Funding Cultural Support to Recipients in Clackamas and Washington Counties

Funding Part of $25.7 million Relief Package for Oregon’s Cultural Organizations

The Clackamas County Arts Alliance as fiscal agent and grants administrator for the Clackamas County Cultural Coalition is slated to distribute $2,258,665 in Coronavirus Relief Funding Cultural Support to 30 organizations in Clackamas County and 32 organizations in Washington County.

A partnership between the Oregon Cultural Trust and its County and Tribal Cultural Coalitions, the funds were allocated to the Cultural Trust for Oregon cultural organizations facing losses due to the COVID-19 health crisis and were made available through a $50 million relief package for Oregon culture approved by the Emergency Board of the Oregon Legislature in July.

As testament to its longstanding relationship with the Clackamas County Cultural Coalition, it was only natural for the Clackamas County Arts Alliance to help in distributing this much-needed relief for Clackamas County’s cultural organizations. When the Cultural Coalition of Washington County, as an advisory body to the Board of Washington County Commissioners, declined to accept the management of their awards, the Cultural Trust approached the Clackamas County Cultural Coalition and Clackamas County Arts Alliance to manage Washington County’s awards as well.

Both Katinka Bryk, Chair of the Clackamas County Cultural Coalition, and Alex Stoehr, Associate Director of the Arts Alliance, jumped at the chance to ensure Washington County cultural organizations would receive the relief they were awarded as well. “Many of these Washington County organizations represent partners and friends with whom we collaborate, and we understand the detrimental impact COVID-19 has inflicted on our county’s own cultural organizations firsthand. We had to help!” Stoehr confirmed.

Brian Rogers, director of the Cultural Trust, shared, “We’re glad that the Clackamas County Cultural Coalition and Clackamas County Arts Alliance are able to make this happen. As soon as I sent out the notification to the 32 organizations in Washington County, my inbox lit up with a lot of ‘thank-yous’ and ‘this is a huge relief’ and ‘this is greatly appreciated, please send our deepest thanks to the Clackamas County Cultural Coalition.'”

The intended use of the CRF Cultural Support funds is to provide financial assistance to cultural nonprofit organizations and community venues that have canceled or postponed public programming because of public health executive orders associated with the COVID-19 pandemic. Guidelines for the funding are in accordance with the U.S. Department of the Treasury.

The organizations to receive funding include cultural institutions, county fairgrounds, cultural entities within federally recognized Indian Tribes based in Oregon, festivals and community event organizations, in addition to some for-profit organizations that have significant cultural impact in their communities.

More information about the awards and the full list of grant funds awarded by county is posted on the Cultural Trust website.

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