On behalf of the Clackamas County Arts Alliance and its Board of Directors, it is with pleasure and sadness, but also with great anticipation, that I announce the retirement of Cheryl Snow as our Executive Director at the end of this year. For more than twenty years, Cheryl has worked tirelessly on behalf of supporting and integrating arts and culture into all our county communities.

Cheryl’s work ethic, wisdom and ability to draw people together in a creative way have benefited us as residents in ways we will never fully realize.

Together with others, Cheryl was appointed by County Commissioners to help develop an initial arts advisory commission in the early 1990’s. She steered the growth of that group into the vital and independent non-profit the Arts Alliance is today, with its wide breadth of services that range from grant opportunities, to public arts and culture programs, to a full spectrum of creative-based projects, performances and displays. We are particularly proud of the programs Cheryl cultivated that benefit at-risk youth and under-served communities, as well as those that support cultural tourism initiatives, community beautification, and art as a healing tool in health care environments. She is instrumental in overseeing and nurturing the Alliance’s relationships with the county-wide Arts Advisory Council and Cultural Coalition and many other local, state and regional partners.

Quite simply, Cheryl’s leadership has made these advancements possible, guiding the Arts Alliance through a growth of scope and engagement in the community that cannot be understated. We hope her years of retirement will allow her time to pursue other interests, though we suspect she will not “retire” anytime soon!

It is the Board’s goal and priority to continue the work Cheryl, staff and countless volunteers have accomplished as a leader among our peers for innovative and sustained work in this essential field. With a strong and enthusiastic outlook, especially as we enter our 25th year, we have begun the search to identify the best next candidate for the Executive Director position, looking for someone who can lead us into the next 25 years of “Keeping Arts and Culture Central to Life in Clackamas County.”

Kevin Yell, Board Chair

It has been my privilege, honor and genuine delight to be associated with the Clackamas County Arts Alliance as Executive Director these past 20 years. My entire 35-year professional career has been dedicated to serving arts and culture interests, in one form or another, and the Arts Alliance has been the capstone to that great adventure!

I can think of nothing more rewarding than living a life that allows the daily pursuits of work to be fully engaged with personal passion, interests and intellectual creativity… and that is precisely what the Arts Alliance gave me.

How exhilarating! What great good fortune!! But the wheels of life roll on, and I am ready to follow where they lead. I’m looking forward to seeing the future reveal itself, day by day.

I’m confident that the Arts Alliance is positioned to grow and thrive, thanks to our team of extraordinarily capable staff, a committed and dedicated Board of Directors, and the support of many incredible volunteers. It feels great to leave this wonderful organization in such good hands.

I look forward to seeing you out there at fairs, festivals, concerts, performances and other events — my job will end in December but not my commitment to arts and culture!

Cheryl Snow, Executive Director

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