Did you know?

The Clackamas County Arts Alliance sends a report each week to the Clackamas County Board of Commissioners sharing a couple of arts and culture events taking place in Clackamas County!

Each Thursday the Board of County Commissioners holds a business meeting. These meetings are streamed live via the County website and many people attend in person.

During the Arts & Culture Activities in Clackamas County Report, they share the information we have provided on the cool arts and culture things happening for the upcoming weekend. It’s like a virtual edition of our popular Weekend Watch newsletter! They are usually different events than ones we have featured in Weekend Watch.

Here is an example of the slide that is shown during the report.



This is just another example of how the Arts Alliance is hard at work spreading the word about all the great work you are doing for arts and culture in Clackamas County!

A special thank you to the Board of County Commissioners for giving us this great opportunity to further promote our mission: “Keeping arts & culture central to life in Clackamas County”

To view past BCC Business Meetings visit www.clackamas.us/bcc/business
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