Be an #ArtsHero is a nationwide grassroots movement that has taken off in an effort to advocate for emergency arts relief from the United States Senate. As the deadline for the previous round of pandemic relief is set to expire on July 31, the #ArtsHero movement, “calls on the 5.1 million Americans employed in the U.S. Arts & Culture sector to urge all 100 Senators to pass massive economic relief by August 1st. Be An #ArtsHero mobilizes all Arts workers, institutions, and anyone who relies on the Arts economically or personally, to use their individual and organizational platforms and apply pressure on their Senators.”

The Arts make up 4.5% of total GDP and create over $877 Billion dollars annually in value-added to the United States economy and employ 5.1 million people. Simply put, there can be no full American economic recovery without an Arts & Culture Recovery. The Arts are big business and an enormous contributor to the overall health of the U.S. economy. To that end, the movement is imploring the Senate to act immediately to draft and pass legislation to appropriate massive amounts of relief to the Arts & Culture sector. (For perspective, the airline industry alone was appropriated $50 billion in the CARES Act and the Arts & Culture sector comparatively adds $265 billion more in value to the U.S. economy than the entire transportation sector combined.)”

Anyone and everyone can participate and be an #ArtsHero, so get involved in the conversation on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter in support of the Arts today!

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