Looking for ways to have fun and keep kids engaged while school is out?

Our Youth Arts for Change Program Coordinator, Courtney Rainwater, has compiled a short list of things to help kids exercise their creativity while staying safe at home.

Here are a few ideas for easy art projects that can be done at home, often with materials that most of us already have!

Sock Puppets: We all have that sock that doesn’t have a match! Why not turn it into a sock puppet? It can be as simple as drawing on a sock with markers, or gluing on buttons for eyes and shredded paper for hair! Sock puppets are a great way to have fun, and if you want to create a theater for them, old cardboard boxes or shoe boxes work great!

Vision Boards: Got old catalogs or magazines at home? Cut out pictures or words that inspire you and make a vision board! You can hang your vision board in your room or somewhere visible to remind you what goals you’re working towards!

Recycled Art: Use paper towel rolls or toilet paper rolls to make creatures. There are lots of ways to do recycled art. Bottle caps in different colors can be used to make a mural, and a crushed soda can could be used to draw a still life!

Natural Collages: If you like the outdoors, collecting flowers or leaves can be a fun way to get outside and be used for a collage later.

Lastly, check out NPR’s poetry challenge, and get your creative juices flowing!

Whatever you do, remember to wash your hands with hot water, cover your coughs and sneezes, and stay safe out there!


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