We are happy to continue sharing the creative and energetic work of Clackamas County Cultural Coalition Project Grant recipients, including the Sandy Actors Theatre’s production of Over the River and Through the Woods.

Sandy Actors Theatre presented twelve performances demonstrating humor and sentimentality on a universal theme: family is the center of life. In the show, a young man with two sets of Italian-American grandparents considers moving away from home in this funny and moving story. The heart of the show was “Tengo Famiglia–my family supports me.”

Sandy Actors Theatre Poster

In keeping with the Italian theme of the show, the Theatre offered an “Italian Celebration” during opening weekend complete with Italian soda, pizza, cannoli, and decorations which had been donated. This helped generate a lot of word-of-mouth publicity for the show.

Sandy Actors Theatre used the Cultural Coalition Grant funds to pay for the license and royalties, scripts, and set design and construction. This helped them to to reach an audience that was 50% greater than their normal average show, including a higher number of senior citizens.

An enthusiastic review of the production  by Brittany Allen was featured in the Sandy Post:

For more information and to find out about upcoming performances, please visit the Sandy Actors Theatre website sandyactorstheatre.org.

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