For this month’s feature of a recipient of a Clackamas County Cultural Coalition Project Grant, we are pleased to highlight Masque Alfresco and their presentation of Moliere’s The Misanthrope.

Masque Alfresco used the $2,150 Project Grant they received to fund part of their 2018 Summer Park Tour that served and took place in Clackamas County, including five weeks of rehearsals and nine performances spanning three weekends at George Rogers Park in Lake Oswego.

Partnering with Lake Oswego Parks and Recreation, Masque Alfresco performed an adaptation of The Misanthrope, Moliere’s social satire. The troupe featured commedia dell’arte theater traditions: slapstick antics, stock characters, colorful period costumes, even incorporating social, political, and celebrity jokes into the production. To address the need for affordable outdoor theater, Masque Alfresco presented all nine performances for free and open to the public.

After performing updated versions of commedia dell’arte plays for the past 17 years, Masque Alfresco’s presentation of The Misanthrope did not disappoint! The performance appealed to all generations: children sat close to absorb the funny antics; theater buffs, young adults, and college students took in the witty topical references; and senior citizens gathered for a cultural and social outing.

In Clackamas County, over 400 people were able to enjoy and were impacted by this project.

For more information about Masque Alfresco, we encourage you to visit their website:

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