A gift to the Arts Alliance + A gift to the Oregon Cultural Trust = Double Your Impact and Get It Back! 

Where else but Oregon would you find a statewide program to protect cultural vitality? As uniquely
Oregonian as public beaches and the bottle bill, the Oregon Cultural Trust was established 17 years ago as an ongoing funding engine for arts and culture across the state. It empowers Oregonians to give to culture and then double the impact of their donation through the cultural tax credit.

Here’s how it works: Make a donation to the Arts Alliance (as a recognized Oregon cultural nonprofit), then make a matching gift to the Cultural Trust by December 31. You get 100 percent of the Cultural Trust donation back at tax time – by claiming the Cultural Tax Credit* – and the state legislature sets that amount aside to fund Oregon culture. For those who care about culture, making the matching gift is an easy way to double their investment at no cost to them.

Since 2002, generous donors have helped to grow the Trust’s permanent fund to $28 million while providing more than $30 million in statewide cultural funding. In 2018 alone, gifts to the Cultural Trust totaled more than $4.5 million. Working with statewide and regional partners, the Trust redistributed $2.7 million of that amount in 2019 grants and funding.

Total your cultural donations, give a matching amount to the Cultural Trust by December 31, and claim your cultural tax credit on your state taxes. It’s how Oregonians rock culture.

Visit the Cultural Trust website to learn more: https://culturaltrust.org

* Up to $500 for an individual, $1,000 for couple filing jointly and $2,500 for Class C corporations.

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