The Arts Mean Business

This year, we have the opportunity to prove that an investment in the arts is an investment in the economy.

The Arts & Economic Prosperity Study #6 (AEP6) makes this possible. The year-long study is used to document the powerful role that creative industries play in initiating economic growth. And the data collected from the study is a determining factor of how much funding creative industries all over the country will receive.

Project Overview

From May 2022 through April 2023, volunteers at events hosted by participating arts and cultural organizations will educate event patrons about the AEP study. If you attend any of these events, you will be asked to complete a short survey about your event-related spending such as meals, parking and lodging – vital income for local businesses.

Centering Equity & Inclusion

In order for the data collected to adequately illustrate the economic value of the arts, we need to hear from every demographic. It is crucial that every corner of our sprawling county is represented within our collected surveys.


Whether you’re from the Villages at Mount Hood, the urban center of Oregon City, or the farmlands of Estacada, we need to hear your voice! 

That being said, we must acknowledge that *BIPOC and **ALAANA identifying communities have been underrepresented in previous AEP studies. From here on out, equity and inclusion will be a cornerstone of the study. All participating creative organizations will be establishing stronger partnerships with organizations that are run by and primarily serve communities of color.

For Clackamas County, we will play our part by ensuring that at least 25% of the 800 survey respondents or organizations hosting events identify as BIPOC and/or ALAANA.

*  Black, Indigenous People of Color
** African, Latinx, Asian, Arab, Native American

Join us!

CCAA is taking the lead to guide Clackamas County through this process. And we need your help!


If your arts and culture organization is hosting an event, please consider partnering with us as we gather this important information! Submit your event(s) here. We will then reach out to coordinate efforts for survey gathering.

Get Counted

If you are able, fill out a survey when attending an event. Explore our Tri-County event calendar to find participating events happening in your area.


Educate! Explain the importance of the study and how event patrons can get involved by either completing surveys, submitting events or volunteering themselves!

This is a Tri-County Effort!

In order to gather community involvement, we are working with our partners at arts organizations from neighboring counties. These partnerships will allow us to broadcast the value of this study throughout our community!

Reach out to your local arts organization to learn more about how you can get involved:


  • Dianne Alves, Executive Director of Clackamas County Art Alliance, at [email protected]



  • Mario Mesquita, Manager of Advocacy & Engagement at Regional Arts & Culture Council, at [email protected]

Learn More:

Read more at Americans for the Arts.

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