As part of our Artist Exhibit Program and Youth Arts for Change, we installed a special exhibit of student artwork from Baker Prairie Middle School. The exhibit will be on display in the Plaza Gallery at the Clackamas County Public Services Building.

The exhibit, Strength, Passion & Art, is the culmination of youth working twice a week for eight weeks to explore and share their strengths and passions by creating images with personal meaning through self-reflection. The youth worked both collaboratively on a piece of work, as well as on their own personal creations in a variety of artistic media.

Youth Arts for Change (YAC) “uses the arts as a catalyst to open doors for vulnerable and underserved youth, promoting positive change and forging constructive connections between youth and the community.” YAC collaborates with agencies and schools to provide programs throughout the year to teens and preteens, as well as working outside these programs to bring exhibits like this one, that showcase the work of Clackamas County youth – providing them the opportunity to share their creativity with the community.

We are particularly excited to share this exhibit with the public as part of YAC’s ongoing collaborative relationship with Baker Prairie Middle School. As part of this years-long relationship, we were also able to bring the the Interview Project to their youth. In this after school project in Canby, the middle school students work with a professional artist to explore the intersection of art and narrative through the integration of visual art and community interviews.

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