We would like to take this opportunity to say Thank You to the many people who helped us make 2016 a wonderful and productive year for the Clackamas County Arts Alliance!

Thank you to 2016 Arts Alliance Donors!

Ted Anderson
Ingrid Aubry
Robert Austin
Laurence & Nina Bradford Bennett
Pamela Bloom in memory of Richard & Rosie Bloom
Katinka Bryk
Richard & Judy Caldwell
Beth Daniell
Sam Drevo
Richard & Janet Enger
Jason Faucera
Terry Ferrucci
William Frank
Eric Griswold
Peter & Katherine Hinds
Nancy J. Hungerford in memory of Chuck Clemans
Carrie Kaufman
Cherie McGinnis Kennemer

Renée Boutin King
John Ludlow
James Mattis
Karen & Ric Martini
Dave Mayfield
Gary Michael & Carolyn Tomei
Kirk Mouser & Sonya Fischer
Pamela North
Jane Reid & Gary Warkentin
Joan Eliot Sappington
Cyndy Smith-English
Cheryl Snow & James Ancell
Michelle Thoensen
Wilda Parks
Betsy Valian
Gail Vines
Janet Voss
Kevin Yell

Thank You to 2016 Arts Alliance Volunteers!

Public Art Committees
Dawn Brown
Hayley Burns
Linda Castaneda
Maureen Cole
Roger Fowler Thias
Robin Gervasoni
Sherrie Henson
Joan Jasper
Denise Kai
Steve Koper
Jaimie Lorenzini
Dana Lynn Louis
Denyse McGriff
Michael Morrow
Jennifer Ortiz
Camilo Sanchez
Stacy Sherman
Mike Suri
Don Wright
Patti Zavala

Youth Arts for Change
Judge Deanne L. Darling
County Administrator Don Krupp
Donated Services and Program Support
Kevin Yell, Ainsworth House & Gardens
Annie Howden, Annie’s Hang Ups
Baker Prairie Middle School
Clackamas Community College and Theatre Department
Clackamas County Juvenile Department
Clackamas Repertory Theatre
Pacific Northwest College of Art
Parrott Creek Child and Family Services
Todos Juntos

Arts & Economic Prosperity Study
Renée Boutin King
Katinka Bryk
Linda Castenada
Ben Dye
William Frank
Niki Garner
Michelle Hartly
Troy Klein
Kirk Mouser
Pam North
Jane Reid
Mickey Ronningen
Laura Sattler
Susan Schenk
Molly Williams
Daphne Wuest
Gail Yazzolino
Kevin Yell

Advisory Council
William Frank
Michelle Hartly
Jan Keyser
Lynsey Knapp
Vicki Munroe
Pamela North
Susan Schenk
Molly Williams
Danielle Cowan

Cultural Coalition
Katinka Bryk
Sandy Carter
Danielle Cowan
David DeHart
Carrie Kaufman
Joan Maiers
Vonda Martin
Samara Phelps
David Smith-English
Bob Sterry

Board of Directors
Ted Anderson
Renée Boutin King
Cherie McGinnis
Kirk Mouser
Pamela North
Jane Reid
Kevin Yell

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