Our year-long Arts & Economic Prosperity 5 study came to an end on December 31. This massive effort included interviewing 400 people who attended arts and culture events each month of the year, and working with the county’s many arts and culture organizations to obtain financial information.

The point of this Americans for the Arts project was to understand how much impact the arts industry has on Clackamas County’s local economy. It was a big job, but an important one, and we could not have accomplished it successfully without the help of many volunteers. The summary report will be complete later this year and we will share the results with you then.

If you attended a festival or performance or exhibit this past year, and encountered someone with a clipboard asking survey questions, that was one of our wonderful AEP5 people, volunteering their time to gather data proving the local arts industry is important to our economy.

We extend our gratitude and thanks to everyone who responded to a survey and who provided financials for their organizations.

But we especially appreciate, and heartily thank, each of these wonderful people who volunteered their time:

Katinka Bryk
Linda Castenada
Ben Dye
William Frank
Niki Garner
Michelle Hartly
Troy Klein
Kirk Mouser

Pam North
Jane Reid
Mickey Ronningen
Laura Sattler
Susan Schenk
Molly Williams
Daphne Wuest
Gail Yazzolino
Kevin Yell

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