As we approach August, things aren’t winding down with our Youth Arts for Change Program. In fact, they’re picking up! Our team continues to find creative ways to keep our programming going and to serve our community even in these strange and often difficult times.

Here is the latest update from our Youth Arts for Change Coordinator Courtney on a new program that starts today.

Youth Arts for Change is excited to continue our partnership with the Clackamas County Juvenile Department this summer by offering virtual options for youth art programming for the first time! What does this mean for youth in the county? Not only do they have the ability to connect with a professional teaching artist that’s teaching just to them, but also access to all of the materials and art supplies, which have been delivered worry-free directly to them in order to make access to art as easy as possible during this pandemic.

Through this class, teaching artist Lisa Smith offers the students a chance to reflect on their community while representing it with pencil, pen, and marker on primed wooden pallets that will become their canvases. She will be introducing Zentangle art, a medium that encourages the student to doodle, connect the dots, and create beautiful tangles, allowing the student to focus on each stroke rather than the final result. In this way it can be a very relaxing and enjoyable creative outlet. You don’t need to know what your tangle will look like to draw it, but rather by trust that each step of the process will get you there.

We hope our students enjoy their Zentangle class and we can’t wait to see and display their work!

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