2019 – Celebrating 25 years of keeping arts & culture central to life in Clackamas County! 

Did you notice? We have a slightly new logo! 

For 25 years, under different titles and mandates, what is now the Arts Alliance has supported the leadership and people of Clackamas County in recognizing and building up culture, heritage, and the arts in the county.

Through creative, life-enhancing programs and activities that touch our history, our present, and the dreams we have for the future, the quality of life in our community is improved, and we build a better place for everyone who lives here now, and for those who will in the future.

Over this year of our 25th Anniversary, we look forward to working with all those who reside in, work in, or just visit Clackamas County. We’ll be announcing specific events as the year progresses, and in the meantime encourage everyone to think of ways to celebrate this great achievement.

Please don’t hesitate to CONTACT US if you or your arts/culture/heritage group have an idea and want to participate.

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