Aren’t we lucky to live in Oregon?! 

We have great outdoor recreation opportunities, beautiful and varied vistas to enjoy, access to arts and culture from the beach to the desert, AND we reside in the only state in the country with a Cultural Trust!

For the past ten years, the Oregon Cultural Trust has partnered with nonprofit organizations like the Arts Alliance to fund arts, humanities, heritage, history and preservation in our communities. But this wouldn’t be possible without people like you. In 2016, Oregonians invested more than $4.6 million in support of Oregon’s 1400+ cultural nonprofits. That’s extraordinary! And as one of the recipient organizations, the Arts Alliance is very grateful for your contributions.

Plus, if you leverage your gift to support the Trust by December 31, you will receive a gift yourself! Just match your donation to your favorite cultural nonprofit with a donation of the same amount to the Trust, and you can claim a 100% tax credit on your 2017 state taxes.


Donate to the Arts Alliance           Donate to the Cultural Trust 


Visit or see below to learn more.

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