This is the latest article from Courtney, our Youth Arts for Change Program Coordinator. Previously, she wrote about  fun activities for kids using materials from around the house. Now that most kids are on summer break, she wanted to share some clever ways to paint and even make your own paint using food!

Access one of the activities/recipes linked here as a starting point and then read Courtney’s thoughts below.

Make Paint with Leftover Fruits & Veggies

Paint with Food!

I’m sure most of you have some level of experience with painting, whether it’s painting with watercolors, visiting a museum, or taking an art class.
Even though the “Paint with Food” project specifies it’s for kindergarteners, think of it simply as a starting point for finding new ways to make and think about art!
These could be projects to do together with siblings or other family and friends. You could even do a Google or Youtube search for more food possibilities if these aren’t items you have on hand.
Art is in everything, and especially at this time, it’s important that we don’t add extra stress on ourselves by going out more than we need! I’d also guess that most of us don’t have the ability to drop a bunch of dough on new art supplies, so why not find a tasty substitute?
Good luck with your creations!
If you paint something using food paint you made, have your parent or guardian tag us on social media so we can see your masterpiece!
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