Richard Gaffield, an Artist Exhibit Program artist for the last few years, passed away in mid-May. We send our condolences to all his family and friends. We are so saddened by this loss of a very bright light.

Richard’s artist statement spoke of an abiding passion for the arts.

As a teenager my passion was oil painting. After careers in commercial art, photography, and theatre, I am reliving that teenage passion. Inspiration begins when I am able to make and find meaning through a full engagement and integration with a new place. My art reflects my environment and its cultures, how I feel about the land I inhabit and the people I meet. Representational landscape is the type of artwork I am producing in oil and water media.

His paintings were exhibited throughout the metro area, including at Three Rivers Artist Guild in Oregon City, Oregon Society of Artists in Portland, and various galleries throughout Clackamas County as part of the Artist Exhibit Program.

Rest in peace, Richard. You will be dearly missed, even while your legacy of beautifying your community lives on through your work and your memory.

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