Wilsonville Festival of Arts is this month’s featured Cultural Coalition grant recipient. In its 20th year, the festival was held Saturday, June 1 and Sunday, June 2. WFA used Clackamas County Cultural Coalition funds to support artist commissions of interactive, multi-sensory art installations and interactive arts programs. These included:

  • #SeeingSound by Myles de Bastion, a deaf musician – translating sound into light, words, and vibration;
  • SOUNDometry by Olga Oseth – using movement of artistic components to create and manipulate sound and sound patterns;
  • Being Mme. Kupka (dans les Verticals) by Jeremy Rotsztain – virtual reality artistic experience that can be partially manipulated by the viewer’s hands;
  • Love is Blind by Scott Wayne Indiana and Ben Stagl – 30 large colorful hemispheres the public could use to make giant Braille words; and
  • Mask-Making & Mask-Pa-Rades – with mask-eteer Kaician Kitko – kids made their own mask then took part in a Mask-Pa-Rade with Wilsonville High School students around the park.

WFA director Sarah Wolfe shared, “We all truly appreciate the support Clackamas County Cultural Coalition has given us. Having your name and clout among our supporters has been key in garnering additional funding, and means a lot in terms of local and regional support of what we are doing.”

The Clackamas County Cultural Coalition grant programs are administered by the Clackamas County Arts Alliance staff and the Arts Alliance acts as fiscal agent for the Coalition. Grants are awarded to projects and opportunities which respond to the Clackamas County Cultural Plan Goals and Funding Priorities. WFA met the second funding priority, supporting the creation of, or participation in, cultural projects and activities.

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