Youth Arts for Change Update from Courtney Rainwater, Youth Arts for Change Coordinator

As the holidays are fast approaching, our Youth Arts for Change (YAC) Program is gearing up for two program starts  before the New Year. With the help of returning teaching artist, Lisa Smith, YAC will be serving both middle school students and young men from Parrott Creek Ranch. Typically we don’t run classes over the break but since this year has been atypical in almost every way, we decided it would be beneficial to give our youth an opportunity to stay busy and keep creating over the holiday break.

Although the mediums are ever evolving, these two groups will have fun putting together art books that include projects from solar prints to pour paintings, leaf monoprints and aluminum foil sculptures, with the final result being an art book that showcases all of the course’s projects. Students along with teachers decide between a menu of various projects that they will spend the bulk of their course time working on completing. In this way, YAC is able to work with our partners and offer classes and curriculum that our students are actually interested in and want to do! (Especially since they helped to choose it!)

Create at Home and Brighten the Holiday Season

For those of you at home looking for something to keep you busy over this winter break, look no further than this website to help you create DIY homemade gifts for the holidays. There are always ways to get creative and use items around the house to do so! Who doesn’t love a homemade gift anyway? So take some time, surf the web, and get creating, because this winter has artistic plans for you!

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